Greece dismisses Bild report on receiving more bailout money

Greek Finance Minister Tsakalotos arrives for a news conference at the ministry in Athens

ATHENS (Reuters) – Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos on Tuesday dismissed reports in Germany’s Bild newspaper that the country could opt out of receiving a new tranche of bailout money if it does not receive debt relief.

“Bild has distorted what I said yesterday. I never said that Greece would not repay debt in July. There is no such issue,” he told Reuters.

He said it was “not true” that Greece was putting aside money on its own to make the debt repayment.

“What I did say is that the disbursement (of bailout money) was not an issue, because all sides agreed that we have kept to our commitments.

“But the Greek government feels that a disbursement without clarity on debt is not enough to turn the Greek economy around,” he said.

(Reporting By Renee Maltezou; Writing by Michele Kambas)