LeAnn Rimes returns with new ‘soul-based’ album

Singer LeAnn Rimes arrives at the 2014 CMT Music Awards in Nashville

LONDON (Reuters) – Country music singer LeAnn Rimes says her forthcoming studio album is more spontaneous and organic than her last offering “Spitfire”, describing her new work as “soul-based”.

The Grammy Award winner, who rose to fame aged 13 and is known for hits such as “How Do I Live” and “Can’t Fight The Moonlight”, will put out “Remnants” in October, her first album release on new label RCA UK.

“On my last record … we definitely knew the story we were writing song by song and it was very much in the moment of a lot of heartache and chaos,” Rimes said in an interview in London.

“And this one, this time around, is just coming from a completely different place. And not until we finalised the record did we see this amazing arc that we had written and created and it’s a beautiful record. It’s really soul-based”.

The 33-year-old, who cites gospel and soul as major musical influences growing up, says she turns to her actor husband Eddie Cibrian and step-children for feedback on her work as well as her own “internal cues”.

“Kids are amazing. They will let you know if it sucks and they seem to like it so that’s a good thing,” Rimes said.

“With this record I kept it a secret what it sounded like. My mum heard one song, she still hasn’t heard the album. I’m keeping it very hush hush … I think that once I’m happy hopefully people will connect with that energy.”

Asked about the international success of female American country stars versus their male counterparts, Rimes said: “We have this other passion. Even though men can bring passion to a song it’s just a different kind of thing.

“I think our songs really talk about real life, heartbreak and love and we are just able to reach people deeply, which is a gift.”

(Reporting by Sara Hemrajani; Editing by Janet Lawrence)